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Janice Limson, Editor-in-Chief, Science in Africa

Science in Africa is the first popular online science magazine for Africa, founded in 2000.

Over the past decade the magazine has served as a platform for scientists in a broad range of fields in Africa to report on their research, giving their expert views on topical issues in science and providing the right information to an African public seeking a deeper understanding of science and of the dynamic role it plays in everyone's lives. A rich resource, archives dating back to 2000 can be found at the original site: www.scienceinafrica.co.za

The magazine was founded by Editor-in-chief, Janice Limson, a Professor and Head of Biotechnology at Rhodes University in South AfricaRecognised in consecutive years in 2009 and 2010 in the Mail & Guardians "Top 200/300Young South Africans", she ia 2011 winner of the Vice-Chancellor's Distinguished Research Award and a runner up in the country's National DST Women in Science Awards in the Life Sciences. She chairs the Rhodes University School of Biotechnology and serves on  several boards and selection committees in the country Her research is at the interface between sensors, energy and nanomaterials at Rhodes where she has engaged in the supervision of 15 PhD and MSc students to date. Recently she formed an international group called "Sensors for Africa Network" which is aimed at collectively focusing international research efforts on the development of rapid and cost effective diagnostics for healthcare of relevance to Africa.

She is deeply committed to science communication as a tool to interface science and innovation with society. This is extended to postgraduate science students she works with who are actively engaged in science communication and entrepreneurship education programmes as extracurricular activities. Through her work in both science communication and research, she hopes to break new ground in engaging universities in technology transfer and innovation. 


Science in Africa is a former winner of the prestigious Highway Africa Award for New Media in Journalism, a National Science and Technology Forum Award winner, also receiving recognition through a World Summit Award in its early stages of development.

The magazine has evolved through the contributions of many science writers, most noteworthy being the Radio and TV journalist and science communicator, Christina Scott, who provided guidance over several years of the magazine's growth.

Our panel of reviewers include:

Dr Jim Cambray - ichthyology 

Case Rijsdijk     - astronomy

Prof Martin Villet - entomology

Dr Brian Allanson - conservation

Dr Becky Rogers Ackermann - archaeology