Heart Research in Africa - Responding to our Future Epidemic

Dr Michael Sack "We've found out that if a heart is exposed to ischaemia only for a short while, so that no cells die, the heart actually becomes more resistant to heart attacks. So now, using genetically manipulated mouse models, we can find out what the molecular mechanism of this resistance is - ultimately designing medication that can have the same effect." The incidence of cardiovascular disease, especially atherosclerosis (heart attacks and strokes) has begun to rise in the developing regions of Africa.

One step closer to solving kidney stones

Izelle Theunissen, MRC News Kidney stones are a painful reality many people have to live with. But they are also very expensive - with an estimated annual cost to the country of R80 million. Fortunately, Prof. Allen Rodgers, an MRC-supported researcher at the University of Cape Town, is one step closer to solving the problem. Kidney stones are a world-wide problem, with 10-15 % of the general population being affected.


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