Biodiesel: When winter clogs your fuel filter

Dr Garth Cambray Cold weather can be a pain in your fuel system, especially if you use biodiesel. Here we look at how to avoid problems in cold weather. As the final long months of winter sink their teeth into Southern Africa many biodiesel users and producers in the region have discovered the irritating fact that at low temperatures biodiesel solidifies, clogging the fuel system and stopping the vehicle it was in until warmer weather thaws the fuel out.

Obstacles on the road to sustainable biofuels

A promising form of renewable energy could create major opportunities for developing nations to alleviate poverty and help to mitigate climate change, but could equally cause more problems than it solves, warns a report published at the end of January. The report, by the International Institute for Environment and Development, maps obstacles on the road to sustainable development of biofuels - liquid fuels produced from oily or starchy 'energy crops' such as sugarcane, corn, soybeans oil palms and jatropha trees.


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