Kidney stones? Pass the cranberry juice.

MRC News For many years cranberry juice has been a popular folk remedy for many ills - including kidney stones. MRC-supported researchers show that it is more than a tasty drink... Kidney stones are a painful reality many people have to live with. Approximately 10 - 15% of the general population suffers from the ailment at some stage or another. The root of the uncomfortable problem is calcium oxalate crystals which form in the urine and then progress through the spaghetti-thin tubes of the urinary tract. The result: excruciating pain.

GM Food to be labelled in South Africa

Wilna Jansen v Rijssen Food labelling in South Africa is about to become stricter and more informative, and will cover genetically modified food and all foods with allergens. The labelling regulations for foods with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) were published in January this year after four years of debate and consultations. According to the Department of Health "the right to know" is a priority for the consumer.

Bananas Not Getting Extinct

At the beginning of the year, there were several reports in various news media around the world of an impending extinction of the banana crop. These were based on various interpretations of an article that was published in New Scientist, a science journal. However, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), it is only the Cavendish, a dessert type of banana, which is mostly exported to Europe and North America, that is under threat in some Asian countries from a new strain of fusarium wilt known as "Panama disease" or Race 4.


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