Environmental Remediation in Nigerian oil Regions

More than four decades of oil exploration and production activities have left a severely degraded environment in Nigeria's southern, Niger Delta oil region. Spills - the uncontrolled discharge of oil or its by-products including chemicals and wastes, which mainly occurs through equipment failure, operational errors, or wilful damage - have been identified as the main source of environmental damage in the region over time.

Mintek produces first Commercial-Sized Copper Cathodes using Proprietary bioleaching Technology

Find out how Mintek's patented technology and processes use naturally occurring bacteria to liberate valuable metals from refractory sulphide ores and concentrates. The environmentally friendly solution for mining industry. Mintek and its partners Industrias Peñoles SA de CV of Mexico (Peñoles) and BacTech Enviromet Corporation of Canada (BacTech), announced they have produced the first commercial-sized copper cathodes from copper concentrate using their proprietary bioleach process technology. Procesos Biometalúrgicos SA de CV (PBM), a joint venture company representing all three partners,...

Constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment in Tanzania

Adapted from full article by Masudi, A.S, Mashauri, D.A, Mayo, A.W, and Mbwette, T.S.A. University of Dar es Salaam, WSP & CW Research Project, P.O Box 31531, Tanzania Many developing countries are presently experiencing rapid population and economic growth especially in the urban centres. The provision of services, including wastewater collection, treatment and disposal has however not kept pace with these developments. This makes it more likely that cholera and other water-borne diseases may persist. The principle constraints are the lack of...


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