Water wars in Africa?

Are water conflicts inevitable? The simplest direct answer is an unequivocal "Yes".

EARTH SUMMIT: Water for Food Movement

WaterDome – Tshepo Khumbane, 65, sits feet apart, her heaving bosoms and arms jiggling as she speaks with almost violent fervour about the Water for Food Movement.

Privatisation of SA water - who benefits?

Director-General of Water Affairs and Forestry, Mike Müller, has dismissed the furious debate surrounding the privatisation of South African water (a major theme for the placards and slogans of anti-privatisation marchers on Saturday) as "artificial".

“Everybody’s cup of tea” NGO of the Day: Environmental Monitoring Group

This year the rooibos tea farmers of the Suid Bokkeveld exported 18 tons of tea and quadrupled their income. From poverty and marginalisation to a successful co-operative and promises of a sustainable and eco-friendly livelihood, the Heiveld Co-operative is a success story not only for South Africa but for The Environmental Monitoring Group, which had an active part to play in its success.

Aquatic toxicology

Aquatic toxicology is the study of toxic effects of chemicals on living organisms in the aquatic environment. In the past, South Africa has generally relied on chemical monitoring for water quality management: this is a combination of end-of-pipe discharge standards for polluters (e.g. industries), and collecting water chemistry measurements from water bodies (e.g. rivers and dams).


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